HR & Payroll Management System / AKRIVIS

It means “ACCURATE” in Greek, as its name says, our HR and Payroll management system is precise in line with Omani Labour Law. It is a comprehensive and flexible payroll management solution specially designed for Oman based companies and it can be customized to any level.

This software can take care of all key areas of payroll management, including fixed and variable earnings and deductions, loan processing, leave management, attendance, gratuity, project wise employee cost allocation, PASI calculations employee and employer’s contributions.

In this system you can create unlimited categories, departments, designations, grades and projects. Attendance can be imported from Time Manager, MS-Excel or easily entered from the system itself. Manual payments, bank transfers (cover letters and Excels as per bank, CBO guidelines), common earnings and deductions can be easily imported from excel.

Some points what Akriví̱s can do?

Avoid hassle during last week of the month, this is also equally critical for accounts. Dgtal Payroll helps companies to prepare and process payroll not only on time but accurately as well.

  • User Friendly Look and Feel.
  • Easy to Import, Regularize and post attendance.
  • Manual or Import Earnings and Deductions from Excel.
  • Salary Slips by E-Mail.
  • Loan details.
  • Bank Advice, Bank Transfer letters for Bank.
  • Leave Management.
  • Employee benefits like gratuity and PASI calculation.
  • Document Management System for Expiry alerts.
  • MIS reports.
  • Employee Self Service Portal.
  • Dynamic Settings.

Our extended modules can be easily plug-in with Akrivis core application like,

  • Employee Assets.
  • Staff Accommodation.
  • Staff Training Module.
  • Multi-site Attendance Management System.
  • Top Management Dashboard.

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The Payroll Management System records, compute and maintain employee’s attendance, salary, allowances, deductions, personal loans and recoveries etc. Once payroll is finalized, Payroll system generation of pay-slips for employees, produce reports that are required by Banks, Auditors or Company Management.
A Human Resources Management System (HRMS) combines human resources functions like recruitment, Employee benefits, documentation, training, complaints, accommodation, transportation, leavesand end of service benefits.

MVC-5 and ASP.Net


MS-SQL Server

TELERIK Reporting

Employee Details

Company and Employee Bank Details

Departments and Designations

Earnings and Pay Structure


Loans and Recoveries

Pre-payroll and Final Payroll

Document Management and Alerts

Employee Register

Master Listing

Document Expiry Report

Pay-slips PDF, SMS or By Mail

Bank Advise Letter

Salary Transfer Letter

Employee Social Insurance

Employee end of service benefits

Pay as you go

SAS-Software as Service

Secure Site

Easy Payment

All Reports Export to Excel, PDF

PASI and Gratuity as per Oman Labour Law

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Muscat City, Sultanate of Oman.

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