The Payroll Management System records, compute and maintain employee’s attendance, salary, allowances, deductions, personal loans and recoveries etc. Once payroll is finalized, Payroll system generation of pay-slips for employees, produce reports that are required by Banks, Auditors or Company Management.
A Human Resources Management System (HRMS) combines human resources functions like recruitment, Employee benefits, documentation, training, complaints, accommodation, transportation, leavesand end of service benefits.

MVC-5 and ASP.Net


MS-SQL Server

TELERIK Reporting

Employee Details

Company and Employee Bank Details

Departments and Designations

Earnings and Pay Structure


Loans and Recoveries

Pre-payroll and Final Payroll

Document Management and Alerts

Employee Register

Master Listing

Document Expiry Report

Pay-slips PDF, SMS or By Mail

Bank Advise Letter

Salary Transfer Letter

Employee Social Insurance

Employee end of service benefits

Pay as you go

SAS-Software as Service

Secure Site

Easy Payment

All Reports Export to Excel, PDF

PASI and Gratuity as per Oman Labour Law

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